30 Days To a Healthier You

Happy Monday everyone, I hope that everyone had a safe weekend. I am actually really excited today because today’s  blog post is going to be the first of many posts for my First Ever Blog Series entitled “30 Days to a Healthier You.” I was really searching for a way to bring something new and different for you guys to be able to actually incorporate into your life whether or not you are into beauty, and fashion or not. Each day for the next month I will show you 30 Simple Ways that you can manage the stress in your life in this busy world and improve your overall health.

Now some of you may be thinking what in the world can I possibly do in 30 days to make my life healthier and stress free, well let me start by saying that you can do a whole lot…!!! The spa company that I work with has done tons of research on stress management, and here are just a few facts for you to keep in mind before we go into our first of 30 simple ways that you can improve your lifestyle:

1. Stress is an unavoidable part of our every day lives, and unfortunately with the ever-increasing demands that come with managing our families, personal lives and careers, we end up ‘stressed out’ and oftentimes have difficulties coping with our responsibilities.

2. The Human Body is designed to experience stress and react to it. Stress that continues without relief, however, can lead to distress – a negative stress reaction. Managing this negative stress is vital to the health and well-being of all individuals.

3. It is estimated that 80-90% of all diseases today are stress related. Stress has been associated with ulcers, obesity, loss of appetite, migraines and tension headaches, difficulty sleeping, mental disorders and an increased use of cigarettes, alcohol and drugs.

4. Stress has also been linked to some of the leading causes of death, including cancer, heart disease, lung ailments, suicide, accidents and cirrhosis of the liver due to alcoholism.

So you see effectively managing your negative stress can and will save your life and bring you to live a healthier and more enjoyable  life.

Now that we soaked up some facts about what makes our life so unhealthy let’s go into our FIRST STEP for day one of our healthy living.

STEP #1 –  Start Out Earlier : This may sound like a simple thing that has nothing to do with makin your life healthier, however I beg to differ. Think about it, if you woke up 10 minutes earlier than you usually do, leave for work or school 10 minutes earlier and arrived at your meetings or appointments 10-15 minutes earlier wouldn’t it be a lot more relaxing and empowering…?? No rushing and forgetting things like your notes, books, keys, or socks…lol ( seriously that happened to me once ).  No more honking the crap out of your car to get the poor old lady to make the light so that you won’t be late

pic can be found on blurtit.com

 It really is that simple 10 minutes can literally save you,  help you keep your sanity and bring some confidence and relief back into your life.

Preparing things the night before is a great way to maximize this step because if you do all of your ironing, lunch making, packing your work bag/school bag, and even showering if you’re the type that just likes 1 shower, these all help you to make the morning time less hectic, more relaxing, fresh and wonderful.

pic can be found on sheknows.com

pic can be found on sheknows.com

Try this step out and leave me a comment or any thoughts on how and if it helped you out in any way….. and let me know if you all prefer a morning post or an evening post, I really want you to be able to have time to soak in all of the steps so Tune in tomorrow for STEP #2 of my Series…..

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  1. I work from home so I don’t have to worry about the 10 minutes earlier but I think this is a great idea for a series! I’ve been slowly improving health and more over the past couple of years and it’s always nice to have more ideas/suggestions. :)

    • I’m really glad that you liked the post, it’s very cool that you don’t have to deal with the morning rush. Thankfully I don’t either, working from home has been a really big blessing for me as well. I sure hope that you will keep checking out my series and hopefully I can add something to your already healthy lifestyle. .. :)

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